“love trumps hate” sounds too much like “love Trump’s hate”

Today in old news:
Donald Trump has lived his entire life without facing any real-world consequences for his behavior. His businesses fail, he breaks the law, he refuses to comply with judges’ orders, he sexually assaults people, he shamelessly mocks people, threatens people with hatred and violence, openly vows revenge against anyone who doesn’t coddle him, he cheats his employees, he bribes government officials, he refuses to follow any cultural norms, ETC. And yet he is rich and famous and president-elect of the United States.
Instead of any kind of real-world consequence for his behavior, he has received only reward. Because people for some damned reason still think that wealth = power = authority and morality, and so they go out of their way to excuse everything he does and has ever done, things that they would never dream of excusing in others. Hell, Trump can act rapey with his own daughters and call any woman who stands up to him a slut, and people will still stand up for him blindly. PEOPLE, STOP DOING THAT. Stop excusing the inexcusable!  And for godssakes, stop trying to “normalize” his behavior.  It’s not the same thing as changing it for the better!
But I digress. My point: Donald Trump has lived his entire life without facing any real-world consequences for his behavior.
WHY do you think he will change his behavior now?  There is absolutely no reason for him to do so. 
Why do people keep expecting him to become moderate or presidential or something?  What are they thinking?  Are they not receiving input on what he is continuing to do even now?
I keep hearing this expectation, and it’s tiresome.  They expected Mussolini and Hitler to mellow out and be worn down by bureaucratic games as well. Still blows me away.  Such an unreasonable and baseless expectation.

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