“Identity Politics”

“Identity politics” means acknowledging that politics also rightly concerns people who don’t identify as white cis heteronormative straight ablebodied neurotypical Christian AngloAmerican upperclass men.

“Identity politics” is about listening to, respecting, and honoring all members of society.

So, no, that didn’t weaken any party, it didn’t lose any elections, and it’s not going away.

STOP LETTING PEOPLE SCREW WITH LANGUAGE.  When non-conservatives respond to a conservative attack on “identity politics” or “political correctness” without calling them on the absolute FARCE of a definition and the implications that are inherent in such terminology- but instead USE and even (swiftly! oh, so swiftly!) CO-OPT the words for their own arguments- you know, to show how fair and liberal they are-  People, that is letting the conservatives (the ones using such tactics) REDEFINE reality, the “right” way to think and talk about things, and also what things are “right” to think and talk about in the first place.

THAT IS WHAT WHITE MEN DO.  That is what they have always done.  They define the game, they define the rules, they define who gets to play, and if you LET THEM DO THAT, then they win.

Call out bullshit when you see it.  Or hear it.  Or whatever.






“lame and irritating”

I keep seeing a lot of liberal posts and I have a question to my conservative friends.

Do you understand now how lame and irritating you sounded over the last eight years?

If not, then you deserve the next four years (at least).

When white people claim their rights are under attack because they’re not being allowed to oppress nonwhite people

and Christians claim their rights are under attack because they’re not being allowed to oppress nonChristians

and men claim their rights are under attack because they’re not being allowed to oppress nonmen

that is NOT THE SAME (and should not be treated the same!) as when a minority group claims they are under attack because their fundamental human rights are being ignored or outright taken away from them.

Nobody has the right to oppress anybody else. Your fundamental human rights do not include the right to ignore anyone else’s fundamental human rights. Pitching a fit and causing a scene to play up how you are being “attacked” for being held to a social contract wherein you are required to treat other humans as actual humans insults people who are being actually attacked. Treating these scenes as newsworthy and respectable undermines the stories and voices of those who actually need to be heard.

Treating people who are, in fact, in danger of being stripped of their human rights (and possibly their lives) as if they are whiny crybabies for crying out against such treatment and calling out for help is. absolute. bullshit. and the ultimate hypocrisy.

white Christian (etc) men: ohhh the world is ending because I am still better off than everyone else in the world but I have to play fairly for once in my life

also white Christian (etc) men: ohhh the poor babies can’t stand losing their rights to healthcare and education and free press and jobs boo hoo they can’t stand being shot by the police and sexually assaulted and lynched what a bunch of snowflakes