North Korea

yes again with this from 2016.

I’m so sorry for the way you’ve been treated, Guam.  Also, life on earth.


No way Trump will get the nomination…
No way Trump will become president…
Now way President Trump will launch those nuclear weapons…
No way I’m listening to those damn dirty apes.


Hahahahahaomg it’s not funny any more


So, about those pesky Nazis again.

I love you, Captain Awkward.

Captain Awkward

This is an amalgamation of actual letters in my actual inbox:

Dear Captain Awkward, I’m dating someone wonderful who really loves me, he (IT’S ALWAYS HE, DON’T @ME) but he has terrible political views, like, he thinks immigrants and black people and women and gay people and trans people aren’t really people something something about biological inferiority and it’s okay to violence them but only when they deserve it? I know it’s just how he grew up, he has a good heart and doesn’t really mean it, Confederate flags/”traditional” views are just part of his heritage. I’ve tried discussing this with him but he always talks over me. Can you help me explain my views better? I’m sure I can convince him if I just try hard enough? Can this relationship work?

Go look at some photos from Charlottesville right now.

BTW there’s one with the Confederate flag right…

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Freedom and speech (Charlottesville 2 and ACLU)

Here’s a thought:

If you live in a society where your fellow citizens are free to perpetuate rhetoric of hatred and loathing of people like you;

if they’re free to rally for violence, cruelty, and outright genocide against people like you;

if “reasonable” “moderate” people treat as if neutral their platform of dehumanizing, pathologizing, commodifying, brutalizing, and discarding people like you;

then how free are YOU?

Sorry ACLU, but a photo of Milo Y is not just an innocent arrangement of pigments or pixels on the page; it is an endorsement of transphobic violence. How the fuck are you defending that.

And a white supremacist rally is not some cultural parade. As evidenced by how differently the authorities would treat the hot mess in Virginia if that exact same group of people (the white nationalist group) were acting the exact same way with the exact same style rhetoric but against the police instead of (among others) the Jews.

ie if they were inciting hate and violence against a group that the authorities cared about.

Living in perpetual fear is the opposite of being free. America has a serious culture of hate problem and it needs to own it.

See: 917 Hate Groups are currently operating in the US.

Those mass shooters aren’t crazy or stupid and it’s not because they managed to get a gun. They murder people because they’re acting out the hatred and fear that the United States wallows in on a daily basis.

Because of shit like this today.

Hate isn’t freedom. Fear isn’t freedom. They’re the opposite.

gods no wonder we don’t know how to report hate crimes, when one person’s hate crime is another’s right to free speech.

Comic here:

"If you were hoping for a punch line, i apologize for the disappointment. There is nothing at all funny about what Nazis, neo- or otherwise, hope to achieve, which is the dominance of one group above all others (including you) /by any means necessary/. This is why we must oppose them, immediately and unceasingly and with all resources available to us, to ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes and presumptions that resulted in the last world war. Extremism and Fascism are the enemies of justice and a free society."


I am, among other things, a white person.  So let me say for the record:

Just in case you couldn’t tell, I will personally not tolerate this absolute bullshit where neo nazis openly parade their white supremacist misogynistic antisemitic trans/homophobic islamophobia (&etc) right down the street in order to provoke and attack others & instigate race riots, IN THE NAME OF FREE SPEECH no less.

I will not tolerate these little get-togethers being PERMITTED by the various levels of government.

I will not tolerate the police chumming around with neo nazis who are literally geared up for and actively, incessantly inciting violence- police waiting until the violence errupts/progresses to do anything- police defending and dismissing the purposeful brutality of neo nazi attackers as understandable given the circumstances. I will not tolerate the police behaving as if the nazis were the people who needed to be protected, and NOT the rest of us.

See: Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville

I will not tolerate the media reporting on white terrorism in neutral, deflecting, false terms. This isn’t a rally or a parade, and that car intentionally driving at 40 mph into a line of peaceful protestors isn’t a crash. CNN instinctually jumped to assign blame for the Pulse shooting to ISIS on no grounds whatsoever, but it can’t say that a white nationalist hate group started race riots in Virginia? Bull. Shit.

See: Charlottesville Was Not a “Protest Turned Violent,” It Was a Planned Race Riot

I will not tolerate people steering this into a dialogue about mental illness or gun control. These white supremacists aren’t insane. This isn’t about their automatic rifles. And these people and their blatant racism aren’t fringe or few and far between. This white supremacy is being perpetuated and endorsed openly all across the country. This is happening in Virginia right now because hatred and fear is being disseminated and tolerated in our communities every day.

See: 917 Hate Groups are currently operating in the US. Track them below with our Hate Map.

We need to own that and fight it at the source. Every. Day. I will not tolerate “jokes” or slurs or slights or insinuations. I will not tolerate threats or bullies.


I will not tolerate people steering this into a discussion about free speech. My freedom to go safely about my day instead of fearing for my life comes first. Freedom of speech is not freedom to commit hate crimes and incite terror and brutality.

See: Freedom and speech (Charlottesville 2 and ACLU)

I will not tolerate lukewarm condemnations of literal nazis rallying to take over my country. I will not tolerate so-called moderate or reasonable responses. I will not tolerate anything but outright denunciations of terrorism and hate-mongering. This absolutely offensive refusal of Trump to condemn white terrorism- or even sometimes to acknowledge the acts or their victims- is morally reprehensible. Trump is passively condoning and enabling neo nazis. This is absolutely intolerable.

I will not tolerate the intolerable.

It. Is. Intolerable.

See also: White Feelings: 0-60 for Charlottesville

Throwback Thursday, As I Lay Dying

from August 2014:

frail person in bed with another attending, text reads When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want? Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement? Of course not.  What will matter then will be people. If relationships will matter most then, shouldn't they matter most now? Max Lucado quote

The point being missed here, though, is that you get all those things in order to be respected by people and accepted by society. Having a college degree “makes” you intelligent and valuable. Having an impressive car “makes” you successful and admirable. Having solid financial resources “makes” you a good provider for your family, proving how much you love them and how responsible you are.

Of course, those things are hardly required in order for you to *actually* be a loving, responsible, successful, admirable, intelligent, and valuable person or member of society. And having those things hardly guarantees that any of those adjectives applies to you. But as long as society looks at those things and not at the real people behind them, we feel like we have to have those things. We get those things in order to prove to others that we are worth having as a friend (etc). We get those things in order to prove we are relationship-worthy. And it leaves us with no time to have real relationships, or any assurance that we are valid on our own merit.

If we knew people would love us and value us for who we were as people, instead of for what we have, we might be confident enough to put ourselves out there spending time with other people, instead of spending time acquiring things. We might also be confident enough to believe that we are relationship-worthy in and of ourselves.



(postscript 2016:  also, are we forgetting the relationships forged by college itself?)

one of the hardest things this past year

You know how people say, if you have a time machine, the first thing you should do is go back in time and kill Hitler?(*)

One of the hardest things this past year (2016, 2017) has been the realization that so many people in my country, if given the chance, would probably go back in time to make sure that Hitler won.

They’d go back in time to make sure that the Confederacy won the civil war, that slavery didn’t end.

They’d go back to take away women’s right to vote, along with all women’s other rights as well.

That’s the kind of people I find being loud and proud in the U.S. today.  smdh


(* why Hitler?  because he slaughtered Europeans and white folk?  why isn’t the first impulse to go back and prevent the genocide of the First Nations?  why not prevent the transatlantic slave trade?  colonial imperialism?  apartheid?  the Spanish Inquisition?  why not assassinate King Leopold II of Belgium?  Ivar Lovaas?  Stalin?  etc.)






One year ago

a close-up portrait shot of Martin Luther King, Jr with the quote Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.portrait shot of kid president july 8 2016 leaning forward with a serious look on his face and the quote Love does that, it just keeps goinga glorious brilliance of fireflies in a wooded area, taken by Japanese photographer Nomiyama Kei

First image is a close-up portrait shot of Martin Luther King, Jr with the quote, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Second image is a portrait shot of Kid President leaning forward with a serious look on his face and the quote, “Love does that, it just keeps going.”  It was posted with the following poem:

Yes, there is so much brokenness, but there is still so much beauty.
Please keep lighting the way, friends. Love is our duty.
The pain overwhelms, but it will not slow our rowing.
You see —
Love does that. It just keeps going.

Third image is a glorious brilliance of fireflies in a wooded area, taken by Japanese photographer Nomiyama Kei.

On July 8, 2016, I looked at my feed, and these three images were right in a row. That’s what inspired me to write this post:

Anger can be a light. And we need to ask ourselves, when fellow citizens are killed by their own police force every day all across the country when they’re just out living normal lives, why aren’t we ALL angry?

Why aren’t we, as a community, as a society, angry when the police terrorize and shoot people down right in front of everyone? Why aren’t we angry when the usual state of things is that people are raped and then blamed for being raped while the rapist goes free to rape again? Why aren’t we angry when the elderly, mentally ill, and disabled are abused, neglected, ignored, abandoned, killed, with no justice? Why aren’t we angry when people are discriminated against and persecuted for their religion right here in this country? Why aren’t we angry when people are in danger of their lives for holding hands while walking down the street?

Where is our anger? Why aren’t we using it to change things?

Love can be a light. Where is our love? Why are we not using it to heal and support and protect our society?

Hope can be a light. Where is our hope? Where is our belief that a better tomorrow is possible?

Because our hate is all over the tv. And damn them the media industry knows full well that just makes it worse. Why are we not angry about that? Why don’t we stand up and demand accountability from the media as well?

Stop fanning the flames of hate and fear. Start showing the light. NOT the “feel-good” fluff about the kitten rescued from an overturned teacup; no, show people CARING about each other and working TOGETHER to make a real difference, towards real, enduring, healing CHANGE.

If we are the society we claim to be, we need to start acting like it. “Those people” are not our enemies; they are our neighbors and fellow citizens. We are one society. Those who act like “the other” is an enemy become like enemies themselves.

Hate and fear and cynicism and apathy and ignorant self-serving judgement are only going to make it worse. That’s just going to make it darker.

We need to remember to light the way.

(Today’s note:  Why is it that we still need a rallying cry even now)