Women are the authority on women

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listen up fuckers, I’m tired of seeing these damn headlines in the goddamn newspaper like y’all don’t know the answer to this.

Stop asking other men how to behave around women. They have no say in the matter.

You heard me. MEN HAVE NO SAY IN THIS. And women have already fucking told you how to behave.

Stop signalling to other men that you’re distressed about your illusions of dominance crumbling before your very eyes. That’s exactly what this is and nobody with any human decency prioritizes your precious feelings over the rights of women.

Start recognizing and respecting women as actual and equal human beings. OUR SAY IS WHAT MATTERS HERE. Listen to what we have already said!

If you have to signal to other men, signal boost what we’ve been saying FOREVER about engaging in informed enthusiastic consent. Only, don’t act like it was your fucking idea that you just came up with, or mansplain it because you’re suddenly an expert.

Respond to other men’s signals of “witch hunt” with “actually just don’t be a dick: a step-by-step guide to consent that the women in your life have been trying to get you to follow this whole damn time.”

Start respecting the authority and bodily autonomy of the women in your lives.

If you can’t do that, then, yes, you’re in deep shit.

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