Freedom and speech (Charlottesville 2 and ACLU)

Here’s a thought:

If you live in a society where your fellow citizens are free to perpetuate rhetoric of hatred and loathing of people like you;

if they’re free to rally for violence, cruelty, and outright genocide against people like you;

if “reasonable” “moderate” people treat as if neutral their platform of dehumanizing, pathologizing, commodifying, brutalizing, and discarding people like you;

then how free are YOU?

Sorry ACLU, but a photo of Milo Y is not just an innocent arrangement of pigments or pixels on the page; it is an endorsement of transphobic violence. How the fuck are you defending that.

And a white supremacist rally is not some cultural parade. As evidenced by how differently the authorities would treat the hot mess in Virginia if that exact same group of people (the white nationalist group) were acting the exact same way with the exact same style rhetoric but against the police instead of (among others) the Jews.

ie if they were inciting hate and violence against a group that the authorities cared about.

Living in perpetual fear is the opposite of being free. America has a serious culture of hate problem and it needs to own it.

See: 917 Hate Groups are currently operating in the US.

Those mass shooters aren’t crazy or stupid and it’s not because they managed to get a gun. They murder people because they’re acting out the hatred and fear that the United States wallows in on a daily basis.

Because of shit like this today.

Hate isn’t freedom. Fear isn’t freedom. They’re the opposite.

gods no wonder we don’t know how to report hate crimes, when one person’s hate crime is another’s right to free speech.

Comic here:

"If you were hoping for a punch line, i apologize for the disappointment. There is nothing at all funny about what Nazis, neo- or otherwise, hope to achieve, which is the dominance of one group above all others (including you) /by any means necessary/. This is why we must oppose them, immediately and unceasingly and with all resources available to us, to ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes and presumptions that resulted in the last world war. Extremism and Fascism are the enemies of justice and a free society."

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