the language of resistance

Words matter.

Screenshot of text that reads  CNN's Ana Navarro:  Trump is a 70 year old man baby acting like a mean girl

Trump is not a man-baby or a mean girl.

He is a bully and an ass.

Say the words you mean.

Don’t call him a baby (or man-baby). This is not only an adult, but also he has always held a position of power in this society, even moreso now. He is not a helpless and certainly not an innocently adorable babe.  He leads the damn free world.  He knows better and he is fully capable of doing better, but he chooses to be a bully and an ass instead.

Don’t call him a mean girl. Don’t you dare bring girls into this, especially not as an insult. One does not have to be a mean girl to be a bully and an ass. Trump does just fine being a bully and an ass as a grown man.

Don’t call him fat; being fat has nothing to do with his being a bully and an ass. Being fat is fine. Lots of people are fat and they are beautiful and compassionate and strong- unlike Trump.

Don’t make fun of the size of his hands, and therefore his genitals. That has nothing to do with being a “real man” ; there are plenty of men who have no hands at all (or any penis at all for that matter) and they’re still real men. They also know how to treat other people with respect and kindness- unlike Trump.

Hell, half of the human population AREN’T real men but we’re also not bullies and assholes- unlike Trump.

Don’t call Trump stupid or insult his intelligence. He may or may not fare well in the I.Q. department (ie, society’s arbitrary measure of intelligence), but that has absolutely nothing to do with him being a bully and an ass. There are many neurodivergent people, people with cognitive impairments, learning disorders, and intellectual disabilities in this world, and they are valid, caring, amazing people and communities, who do NOT go around being total pricks like Trump.

Don’t call Trump crazy. Crazy has nothing to do with him being a bully and an ass. There are many people with mental illness, psychological impairments, or who self-identify as stark raving mad, and they are loving, determined, relatable people who do the best they can to live a good, decent life- unlike Trump.

Say what the problem actually is, instead of insulting innocent people, throwing already oppressed people under yet another bus, and waving around all kinds of red herring.

Point out his being a racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic bully and an ass. Those are insults enough on their own. ACT LIKE THEY ARE.

p.s. Being a bully is a bad thing. The ass part is to make sure people get that.  (/sarcasm)

p.p.s.  Also a reminder that when Trump is tweeting like today, it serves as a distraction from other things.

Like, the health care bill in the Senate right now.

So here is a pic of me* reading this health care bill:

two panel comic, first panel is knight in concealing armor looking at a paper, second panel the knight looks up and says What is this filth?

* I concede it could also be Lord Buckethead (re: recent British elections)

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