“Identity Politics”

“Identity politics” means acknowledging that politics also rightly concerns people who don’t identify as white cis heteronormative straight ablebodied neurotypical Christian AngloAmerican upperclass men.

“Identity politics” is about listening to, respecting, and honoring all members of society.

So, no, that didn’t weaken any party, it didn’t lose any elections, and it’s not going away.

STOP LETTING PEOPLE SCREW WITH LANGUAGE.  When non-conservatives respond to a conservative attack on “identity politics” or “political correctness” without calling them on the absolute FARCE of a definition and the implications that are inherent in such terminology- but instead USE and even (swiftly! oh, so swiftly!) CO-OPT the words for their own arguments- you know, to show how fair and liberal they are-  People, that is letting the conservatives (the ones using such tactics) REDEFINE reality, the “right” way to think and talk about things, and also what things are “right” to think and talk about in the first place.

THAT IS WHAT WHITE MEN DO.  That is what they have always done.  They define the game, they define the rules, they define who gets to play, and if you LET THEM DO THAT, then they win.

Call out bullshit when you see it.  Or hear it.  Or whatever.





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