I do have something to say

If I could only say it.  ><

I have such trouble getting the right words out even when I’m able to speak pretty easily, being constantly plagued by aphasia & dysphasia & spoonerisms.  Sometimes the words are sitting there in my head, clear as day, and I’m not able to speak or write them- to get them out- they just sit there!  And sometimes I cannot translate the workings of my mind into language, or song, at all.  Many times I rely heavily on outside references as shortcuts to communicate an idea, sentiment, point, etc because otherwise it either is too difficult or even seems-at that moment- outright impossible.

It does not help that my references, while delightfully specific to my needs just then, are often obscure to people who are not as nerdy as I am, or that people have a hard time following my train of thought because of my particular way of thinking about things.

The Neverending Story’s Bastian holding Fantasia’s one remaining grain of sand + Auri from Patrick Rothfuss’ The Slow Regard of Silent Things diving deep underwater = *exactly* how I feel right now.

Perfectly clear, right?  :\

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